Written by Sandi Blanton and Luke Andrews 

The Southwest Environmental Finance Center was recently featured in The Taos News for our work performing a water rate study for the village of Questa.

A water rate study consists of a review of a water utility’s relevant financial documents to determine whether the rates being charged for water are adequate to meet current and future expenses of the water system while providing clean and safe drinking water. The study considers factors such as growth and conservation as well as increasing expenses due to inflation, and future needs for expansion or replacement of aging infrastructure. This process also considers the community’s socioeconomic makeup to address equitable water pricing for all community members. The study conducted for the Village of Questa included a lengthy report that suggested several possible rate structures that would meet the community’s current and future financial goals.

Link to article in The Taos Newshttps://www.taosnews.com/stories/questa-considers-raising-water-rates-to-reduce-loan-burden,56309