Our Work

Tribal Wastewater Program

The Tribal Wastewater Program provides training and technical assistance to tribal communities acorss EPA Regions 6, 7, and 8. 

Aguas del Norte Alliance 

Aguas del Norte Water Alliance is a group of small and rural public drinking water systems in Northern New Mexico. We meet quarterly to network, share resources, and discuss solutions to problems facing water systems in our region

Helping Systems and Tribes Access BIL Funding in Region 6

The BIL project helps systems build capacity and access existing State Revolving Fund (SRF)  and  Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) funding,. The project team can assist communities throughout the entire funding process and help build the pipeline of fundable projects.

New Mexico Water Utility Study

We, at the University of New Mexico, with funding from the Water Foundation, are conducting this study to better understand communities’ needs and concerns about drinking water funding – including what is working and more importantly, what is not.

UNM Water Resources Grand Challenge

We are developing an online platform to present non-partisan, fact-based educational information about water resources and related issues in a variety of formats for all New Mexican stakeholders.
Tribal Drinking Water Program
We have been working with Tribal communities since 1997 to increase their internal capacity to provide reliable & safe drinking water.

 Tennessee Water Loss Assistance

We created a Water Loss Control Training Program to quantify real and apparent losses and provide training and tools that assist in the development and implementation of policies and practices to control real and apparent water losses.

Spring Point Partners Green Infrastructure

This project integrates green and natural assets into the existing Asset Management framework so that there is one approach that utilities of any size can use.
Spring Point Partners Funding
We are examining ways in which the funding resources can be used more efficiently and effectively to achieve positive results for everyone: funders, utilities, and customers.
Vermont Asset Management Assistance
We have been assisting Vermont with asset management for the past 5 years through a performance-based training approach in which the attendees are taught about the core concepts of asset management during a series of training events.

Water Loss Webinar Series for Small Systems

This series of seven webinars shows small water systems why and how to complete a water audit and provides guidance on using the audit results to further water loss control within their utilities. The series is being held from January through May of 2022.

Smart Management for Small Water Systems

The Smart Management for Small Water Systems Project seeks to address major issues facing the nation’s smallest drinking water systems. Our team of experts works with water systems across the country, US territories, and the Navajo Nation to address these issues.

Non-Community Water Systems Asset Management Training

This training is recommended for both transient and non-transient systems and can be presented as a two-hour session or as a four-hour session that includes interactive workshops.