UNM Grand Challenge Water Resources

Project Brief

All New Mexicans are stakeholders in the state’s water supply, but many individuals lack a scientifically-grounded understanding of the water status quo, potential new water sources, emerging technologies, and the financial, environmental and social impacts of daily water-related decisions such as the use of bottled water instead of tap water. We are developing the Environment-Focused Learning Academy (EFLA), a “Khan Academy-style” platform to present non-partisan, fact-based, educational information about water resources and related issues in a variety of formats to community members, water utility governing body members and elected leaders, legislators, water operators and managers and other stakeholders. In collaboration with our UNM partners we will work with students to develop and present a white paper, a series of proof-of-concept videos, and a digital learning module on topics related to New Mexico’s water resources, uses, management, and emerging technologies so that stakeholders can develop consensus and plan for the future of New Mexico’s water supply.