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  • Reference Guide for Asset Management Inventory with Risk Analysis – Drinking Water – This resource provides guidance, by asset type (i.e. pipe, pumps, valves, etc.), on what information could be collected when completing an inventory. In a second table, guidance is provided on what to take into consideration when determining probability of failure and consequence of failure.
  • Criticality Table and Charts – Use these criticality charts to calculate the criticality (risk) of your asset. Assign a probability of failure (PoF) score and consequence of failure (CoF) score to each asset and use the table to multiple the PoF and CoF scores to determine your criticality score for each asset. The criticality chart on page 3 can be used in the same way.
  • Webinar: Determining the Risk: Asset Management Risk Analysis Discussion and Available Tools – One of the five core components of Asset Management is to determine the criticality of each of your assets. This can be accomplished by completing a risk analysis, which requires you to ask two questions about each asset: How likely is it that the asset will fail? What are the consequences if the asset does fail? This webinar includes a discussion about completing an asset risk analysis and reviews a newly developed tool that can assist you in determining what factors to consider when evaluating probability of failure and consequence of failure by asset category.
  • Webinar: Understanding Asset Criticality: Reduce Risk and Optimize Operations – Understanding asset criticality can help a system reduce risks by optimizing operations, planning maintenance tasks and timing, and capital improvements. This webinar goes into detail on the subject of criticality. We look at multiple types of redundancies, how assets can fail in multiple manners, and how maintenance operations can be improved to take better care of your system’s most critical assets.
  • The Water Research Foundation’s Stormwater and Green Infrastructure Focus Group – The Stormwater and Green Infrastructure Focus Group seeks to identify facilities and communities that are interested in working together to examine ideas, practices, and programs that will enhance their stormwater and green infrastructure initiatives. It will provide data sharing opportunities focusing on the design, cost, performance, maintenance, and communications aspects of green infrastructure programs and practices.
  • Nature-based Solutions for Disaster Risk Management Booklet – This booklet is for staff at governments, development finance institutions, and other development institutions to understand how Nature-based Solutions can enhance Disaster Risk Management, and how to begin integrating these approaches into projects.

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