Clayton Rimbert, B.F.A.

Clayton Rimbert is a 3D Animator and Modeler with a B.F.A from The University of New Mexico’s Film and Animation program. In 2021, Clayton joined the Environment-Focused Learning Academy, as part of the UNM Grand Challenges Initiative, to create Tap Into Water: Bottle or Faucet, an animated exploration of the differences between bottled and tap water. Since joining the Southwest Environmental Finance Center full-time, Clayton has continued to make animations on environmental education topics. In addition to animation, he provides technical and production assistance for the creation of educational assets across the Environmental Finance Center Network.  

In 2021, Clayton created several animations including an educational video on the function of septic systems titled Septic Systems: How Do They Work? This project included collaboration with the New Mexico Environment Department and was released September 2021 as part of SepticSmart Week, an annual event focused on educating communities on septic systems.