Data Validity Worksheet

As an alternative to the Water Audit Data Grading Sheets we have also created the Water Loss Audit Data Validity Worksheet (insert link), an Excel tool that will allow you to answer specific questions related to each audit data point and have your data validity scored automatically. Please note that while we have tested this tool thoroughly, it is still under development and you are previewing a beta version. The goal in developing this worksheet is to offer an easier method for obtaining data validity scores for the AWWA Water Audit Software, but (for now at least) the data validity scores generated by this worksheet are approximations only, and the only official score comes from the AWWA software. There are detailed instructions contained on the first tab in the Worksheet, which include instructions for reporting any errors you may find. The Water Loss Audit Data Validity Worksheet was created using Excel 2016 and may not function correctly on older versions of Excel.