Dawn Nall, E.I.T

Dawn Nall earned a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Indiana. She has over 20 years experience, including working as a wastewater treatment plant operator, a manufacturing engineer, a design engineer and currently as a Research Engineer with the EFC.  She has designed and overseen construction of water treatment and distribution systems, as well as wastewater collection and treatment systems. She has experience working with federal, state and tribal officials, as well as contractors, inspectors and community administrators.  Ms. Nall worked with the New Mexico Environmental Finance Center beginning in 2006 and then joined the Southwest Environmental Finance Center in 2015. Since joining the EFC, Dawn has presented trainings around the country to water and wastewater operators and managers on topics including Asset and Energy Management, Rate Setting, Capacity Development, Water Loss Reduction, Construction Cost Estimating, Water Treatment, Operations and Maintenance, and Operator Certification.  Recently Dawn has managed an Asset Management Planning project for a medium sized water system, including developing an inventory process, identifying high risk assets, and prioritizing projects.  Dawn has been involved in the Small Systems Managerial and Financial Capacity Assistance project funded by EPA since it was originally awarded to the EFC Network in 2012. For this project, she has provided over 40 trainings and has provided technical assistance to small communities in areas such as asset management, water loss, and energy efficiency. She has also conducted several webinars for the project. Dawn has been providing training and assistance in Asset Management since joining the SW EFC. She assisted with the development of an Asset Management Training Manual that has been revised 3 times.  The most recent revision includes over 200 video clips and combines Asset Management with Energy Efficiency. Dawn has developed tools for systems to use when implementing asset management and when completing AWWA’s water loss audit.  Currently Dawn is working with the State of Tennessee to provide training across the state on water auditing.  She has also been involved in various other projects such as leak detection, green projects, source water protection, operator certification, drinking water infrastructure needs surveys, and arsenic compliance.